Foreclosure Houston:
What Are Your Options?

Lets face it: foreclosure is stressful.

We’re here to help get rid of that stress for you.


Who We Are

Welcome to Lone Star Home Relief!
We are foreclosure specialists and our Houston real estate consulting team started in 1994 serving Houston and the surrounding counties
Over the years we expanded our services to help a different set of homeowners. Our journey began as house buyers in Houston by helping families going through probate, but we soon realized that we had the tools and resources to also help homeowners facing foreclosure in Houston.
We help the greater Houston community by getting families to avoid foreclosure and provide valuable FREE resources so homeowners don’t have to go through foreclosure alone.
Our goal is to reach out to all Houston homeowners facing foreclosure, before other investors do, to provide them with the best options for their property. We are here to assist you and help you find the best solution for your situation.

Straight Talk from Texans about Lone Star Home Relief

What people say about us matters!  

When one of our clients gives us a testimonial we want to share that with you so you know you can trust us to find solutions and help you avoid foreclosure also! Satisfied customers who have worked with Lone Star Home Relief is the best compliment we can get!

Our clients say


Joshua Syna

Foreclosure Specialist
“Joshua came to our house and helped us relax by showing us we had options. He provided us help with our probate process. After we told him we wanted to sell the house he showed us he's a stand up guy and took care of all the paperwork that was need so we could get clear title as my uncle passed away without a will. All the others bombarding us were just out to buy our house but that's not what we needed. We actually needed someone who could help with our specific situation since I was out of state. Joshua actually listened and provided the solution that worked for US!”
“Lone Star Home Relief was one of the first companies that contacted me when my uncle's property was facing tax foreclosure. I liked them because they are actually in Houston! Their team helped me understand all my options with ZERO pressure! I was able to sell part of my uncle's land and trailor to Joshua and his team, and they helped me get all of the problems straightened out with very little effort on my part. If I was going to sell another property, they would be the only ones I would consider!”
“My father passed away unexpectedly and I was needing to go into assisted living. Joshua showed me my option and solutions. So many people tried to just buy my house but Joshua was the only one who asked "What do you want?" and his team showed me how I could sell the house quickly and easily and move into assisted living on my time table.”
“My grandmother had passed away, and all the heirs needed to agree in order to get the house sold. Joshua and the Lone Star Home Relief team helped us stay navigate in getting the entire process completed and spoke with all my family members and got it done! Otherwise we probably would have lost the house due to foreclosure.
“My stress level was through the roof! I had a rental duplex property in Texas City, that was falling apart and due to a fire in my other house and financial challenges I was going to lose the duplex. I didn’t know what to do, but Joshua did! I knew I wanted a fresh start. Joshua took care of all the paperwork right on the phone, and bought the duplex, warts and all!.”
"Joshua spent time with us and knew our situation. My ex-girlfriend was living in the house, and didn't want to move, but the foreclosure tax suit was pending. Joshua took care of all the paperwork quickly and we closed at the title company with a very smooth easy transaction. Thank God for Lone Star Home Relief”
“Lone Star Home Relief contacted me about my Dad’s property in Spring Spring Branch. The property needed a major overhaul, but I didn't have the time and I lived I knew I had to do something fast as we needed the money for my dad, but Joshua and his equity partners bought it quickly, took care of all the paperwork, and I got money for my dad from the house.”

IMPORTANT: Beware of Foreclosure Scams!

SCAM WARNINGS!!! We know you are getting bombarded! 

Please be careful who you deal with!

Should I pay upfront for help?

Be careful if you are asked to pay upfront for help online or for services. We can help you with many different solutions and while some legitimate services and professionals may ask for payment or deposits, be aware that many potential scams or fraudulent activities involve asking for payment before providing assistance.

Sorry but that’s something another company just can’t guarantee. Other companies can help with mortgage modifications, but make sure you examine these services with caution and good research before making a payment.

Signing over the title to your home or signing other unfamiliar documents can be a red flag! Always ask for professional advice because there are legal and/or financial risks, and signing documents without knowing what they mean and can result in loss of property rights and undesirable agreements. 

Another red flag is when you are asked to send payments to anyone other than your mortgage company or loan servicer. This may be fraudulent or a scam. Always check with your mortgage company before making any transactions. If you send money to other parties you can quickly lose your money and even open yourself up to identity theft. Always be careful and run these things by trusted employees of the mortgage company or loan servicer.

A “forensic audit,” means a detailed look at the accounting and records to find irregularities, fraud, or other types of misconduct. Yes, forensic audits can be useful for some folks, but again it’s important to be cautious. Companies often use the term give you a false sense of urgency and pay for unnecessary services. As always, before you pay for an audit, make the company is legit and consider asking some other professional in the same industry their advice to ensure you are making a smart move.

Government “like” logos resembling a government seal, are a deceptive practice and you should question their credibility. Always be willing to reach out to actual government agencies to verify actual government associations so you don’t get scammed by people wanting to deceive you by making their company seem like a government agency.. 

Our team has been helping homeowners in Houston just like you since 1994.

We’re proud to share our positive reviews that attest to our dedication and expertise.

In 2023, we’ve successfully had 37 loss mitigation applications approved, and that number continues to grow. In addition, we’ve helped hundreds of families avoid foreclosure in numerous other ways.

At Lone Star Home Relief, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to helping homeowners facing foreclosure in Houston. We’re here to support and guide you through this challenging time. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you with your home. Stay informed and stay safe.

What Makes Us Stand Out

At Lone Star Home Relief, we have a unique approach to helping homeowners going through foreclosure in Houston and the surrounding counties. We get information directly from lenders and take time to understand your  situation and what you want. By knowing your goals for your home, we can better provide a solution that is tailored to  meet your needs. Whether we purchase your home for cash, or help you with loan modifications our goal is always to provide honest reliable service and smooth easy solutions. We are here to provide win win outcomes for your home and resolve stressful situations.

Stop Foreclosure: Easy as 1-2-3!


Understand your situation and goals for the house

1) Contact our team for short 5 -10 minute conversation
2) we'll chat to understand your specific situation and what YOU want!
3) We will gain a clear picture of your needs, and discuss solutions and next steps that are the best fit.


Contact your lender and apply for a loan modification

1) After a brief in-home visit orphone consultation, we will then reach out to your lender and assist you in applying for a loan modification.
2) However, the outcome is not always guaranteed, and the decision is ultimately up to your lender.
*In case the loan modification is denied, we will work with you to explore alternative options (see step 3 below).


If a loan modification is not possible, rest assured that you still have alternatives. In this case, you can choose from the following options:

Option 1: Lone Star Home Relief offers an option for homeowners facing pre-foreclosure to sell their property outright and receive cash in return. 

This allows you to avoid foreclosure and move on with your life. We understand that moving can be stressful, which is why we provide relocation, moving and storage services to make the process as convenient as possible for you. This way, you can focus on your future, while we take care of the details of selling your house.

Option 2: We have partnered with a nationwide short-sale specialist so Lone Star Home Relief can help you navigate the process of selling your property for less than the outstanding mortgage balance, known as a short sale. 

This can be a viable solution for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage, or have negative equity in their home. We can assist you in negotiating with your lender and working out a deal that will allow you to pay off your outstanding mortgage balance and move forward.

* Ask us about a subject 2 option for your home!


Our Team

When you choose Lone Star Home Relief, you’ll have at your disposal our entire team of experts. We believe that trust and open communication is key to developing the best solution for your situation. So call us! Get to know our team, so we can find out what you want and what you need. We want you to feel at ease in choosing to work with us.


Joshua Syna

Real Estate
(713) 904-4433

Charlotte Syna


Victoria Malone

Fidelity National

Melody Medly

Propelio Short


Are you considering selling your home instead?

We understand that the loan modification process may not be the right solution for everyone. If you’re considering selling your home instead of going through the foreclosure process, our sister company, We Buy Houston Real Estate, is here to help!
We Buy Houston Real Estate is dedicated to providing a stress-free, fair, and efficient home-selling experience. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique situation.

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